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Backend development doesn't have to be a headache. API-Lib makes it effortless.

import { Request, Response } from "apilib";
export default class ExampleGet {
async request(req: Request, res: Response) {
res.json({ hello: "world" });


Getting started

Attention! API-Lib is not yet available to the public

API-Lib has not yet been released. However, we plan to launch our closed beta within the next months. To stay up to date with our progress, you can sign up for our beta and newsletter on our homepage. Additionally, you can follow us on our social media channels to receive regular updates.

API-Lib is a backend development platform that simplifies the process of developing and managing APIs. The platform includes a framework, a web interface, and a visual editor to create APIs without coding. API-Lib takes care of security, authentication, monitoring, management, and caching, among other aspects, making it useful for beginners and experienced developers. The platform also offers a module marketplace where users can create and configure modules without writing code. You can host the API on your own or with API-Lib. In addition, API-Lib offers load balancing across multiple server locations, making it easy to distribute the API and handle high traffic volumes.

Quick start

Learn how to set up API-Lib in just under 10 minutes.

Web Editor (Recommended)

Use our powerful Web Coding environment with useful snippets to create your API.

Visual Editor

With our Visual Editor, you can create APIs without writing a single line of code.

Just Modules

Do you want to create your API in just 30 minutes? We have 20+ modules available.

Code Editor (VSCode)

Do you want to stick to the traditional way and code your API in an IDE? API-Lib has got you covered!